About CodeYourFuture

About CodeYourFuture

We believe in a future where everyone has a real opportunity to lead a thriving life. 

CodeYourFuture (CYF) is a UK-based non-profit organisation that trains some of the most deprived members of society to gain the tech skills they need to succeed.

CYF runs a digital literacy programme to help digital inclusion and various vocational tech skills programmes to help people start tech careers. 

Volunteer professionals train CYF students in an inclusive, welcoming community.


Our Values

1. Kind and honest

We are generous, friendly and compassionate. We help each other by giving and receiving genuine feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a community. 

2. Supportive

We are team. We create an inclusive space where we belong and build relationships to support each other. We are grateful for the help we receive.

3. Empower and represent

We encourage and trust each other to promote autonomy, independence and initiative. Our community represents us. 

4. Challenge

We push each other outside our comfort zones to enable our professional development. We embrace challenges that fulfil our potential. 

5. Long-term impact 

We promote social mobility ​by creating meaningful change in people's lives. We make a tangible and positive impact on the individuals, companies, and communities we serve. 

Our Working Principles


The community takes the lead and experiments. Self-organised teams run sessions, workshops and events.


We adjust to changes. The impact we generate is our priority. We adapt to our community needs.


Our community speaks simply and acts plainly. We avoid complex processes.  


We display information and share knowledge. We talk to people in open channels and in group meetings. We minimise direct messaging and private conversations. 


We show openly our weaknesses by encouraging our community to share constantly when they don’t know something. It connects us and helps build confidence.


We are driven learners. We are in charge of our growth. 


We take care of each other. We keep each other safe. We make sure that everyone feels safe.

Our Theory of Change

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